love stamps + a giveaway

I remember my childhood days growing up in the Bahamas and driving with my dad to the post office to check the mail. It was like going to the candy store - "was there mail for me? Did my pen pal from Greece send me more pictures? And look at those pretty stamps!!!"  That was me then, and I still try to get home before my husband to check the mail first (although I sometimes forget now with 3 little ones to keep up with; but it still puts the biggest smile on my face seeing it on the table).

My dad was a stamp collector and boy did he have some pretty ones! I love the love stamps and here's a look at them over the years.

photo via championstamp.com - a great place to buy vintage stamps

And the new love stamps are here! I purchased some yesterday and I want to share the 'love' with you! Tell me what stamp you have chosen for your invitations or which of the love stamps above is your favorite,  and one of you will receive 40 stamps from me!!!! The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday and I will mail the stamps to you so that they arrive next Monday! I cannot wait to read your comments!


  1. Hi Moya! I chose the Edward Hopper Forever stamps for our save the dates, and we're hoping to use them for our invitations, too! The gorgeous sailboat painting is perfect for our oceanfront reception venue :)

  2. Oh me, me, me!! I ADORE these new stamps! I was just about to purchase some for Brady's first birthday thank you notes!



  3. My favorite love stamps were the candy sweetheart stamps. I so wish they would bring them back. I do remember the birds though. They were on my bat mitzvah invitations back in 1992!

  4. I'm using the wreath heart ones with the pink flowers for our invitations! I've had my eye of them since I got engaged! Perfect for our rustic themed wedding in July!!!! Glad to see someone loves beautiful stamps as much as I do! Jules

  5. So wonderful to find a kindred spirit! I was the same way as a kid and I'm still rushing to the mailbox to see if I have real mail. My favorite love stamps are the ones with the different colored hearts substituted for the "o" in Love. I remember when these came out - I used them all of the time!!!

    Stylishly yours,

  6. I was looking through old stamps at BeyondthePerf.com just the other day and discovered those old vintage-y floral stamps at the bottom. Don't you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!?!

  7. These are so cute! What a fantastic collection! I would have to say that my favourite ones are the swans. Beautiful colours!


  8. Hi! I enjoyed reading your comments - thank you so much for sharing your favorites and plans for your invitations! I will be announcing the winner shortly!