happy friday: art and lettering fun

This week, I spent a bit of time finalizing my plans for calligraphy workshops that I will be attending this year. Continuing education and honing my craft are very important to me; and I am looking forward to learning new techniques and enjoying the time with other calligraphers!  My first workshop for the year is next month with Yves Leterme, an amazing contemporary calligrapher from Belgium. The workshop will be all about capturing that energetic feeling in your lettering - I cannot wait!!!!!! I'll be sure to post pics of my lettering adventures and fun practicing!

While planning, I went through my work from a calligraphy convention I attended last year and I really enjoyed the watercolor and lettering workshop I did while there. It was a 1/2 day session and this picture below is one of the mini projects I worked on. Fun! Fun!

Happy Friday!

Artwork and Calligraphy by MM Ink

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