happy friday: weekend reading

To wake up this morning and read Jack and the Beanstalk to my son and his classmates (I got the biggest smile and hug from him when I was done), get home to some pretty William Arthur envelopes to make them stunning with calligraphy, and get a text from my hubby that says "You rock mama.....I love you" MADE MY MORNING!!! :) It all felt right and balanced - being with the ones I love and doing what I love. And the text - icing on the cake ;) Thanks babe! *blushing*

When I heard about the book 'The Big Enough Company' I was drawn to it because it's all about creating a business that fits in your own space - the right mix - giving your all to your clients and business partners while fulfilling your personal goals and needs as well.  

I am just a few pages in but learning quite a bit already and  hope to cozy up this weekend to read more. I'll post a review and my thoughts once I am done! 

Happy Friday!! You rock too! :)

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